Green Pledge

It has been twenty years I was admitted to ICU when my lungs screeched for the want of oxygen and doctors told my parents that it was a severe case of asthma attack. It has been twenty yearswhen the number of vehicles on Indian roads has not only multiplied by grown exponentially and hence the Pollution levels in this country has multiplied exponentially.

  • We have all thought as a individual “ What can I do? ”  This is something that Government needs to ponder over  ?
  • THE GOVT pasing the buck back to people stating  ” What can Govt do? “
  • Inspired by Mahtma Gandhi’s quote  : Be the change you want to see .
  • We thought of a idea that for every 100 kms of ride shared by the commuters Hop-in would plant a tree in the name of the commuter.
  • This  will serve twin purpose one it will cut down the emission that the vehicle are polluting as the no. of vehicles are going down as people are sharing the ride
  • Two the ride shared is still polluting though we cant reverse the same but by planting a tree we can definitely reduce it